You can afford to go to truck driving school, and the cost is reasonable. Paying for truck driving school with SAGE’s assistance can be easier than you think. Tuition varies by location and program, but we have several alternatives that can assist you. Please contact us to see which method (or combination of methods) is right for you.

We suggest you visit our list of schools to determine which location is best for you.  Once you have determined that, please contact the school to discuss your qualifications and how this opportunity can best serve you. A School staff member will interview applicants for admission through a personal interview or, for those who cannot visit the School in person, a telephone interview.

Climb CreditLoans:
SAGE has established relationships with lenders, such as Climb Credit that specialize in truck driving school loans.  To find out more about all options, we again, recommend contacting the school of your choice and working with them directly.  Applications can be completed online, however we highly encourage you to visit the school.  Again, we want to stress that our goal is to help you find the right answer for you.  This is best accomplished in a personal interview.

Financial AidFinancial Aid:
Workforce Training Funding, State and Local Grants, Scholarships, Vocational Rehabilitation Programs, Veterans Funding, Trucking Company Tuition Assistance and/or Reimbursement, Non Profit Foundation Funding.  These are some of the options available to help pay for your training, but they vary from school to school. This is why we strongly recommend contacting the school of your choice, so they can better help you find the right plan for you.

Careers In GearScholarship Opportunity:
The cost of trucking school is intimidating but don’t let that be a burden which keeps you from pursuing your career. It’s an investment worth making if you’re looking to get a job in the trucking industry. Careers in Gear has been dedicated to helping truck drivers get jobs since 2006. CIG is happy to announce they are helping future and current truckers afford tuition expenses with their Scholarship in Gear program.  To apply, visit their website here.


Staff members make every effort to provide a realistic understanding of the nature of the trucking industry so the applicants can make intelligent training and career choices in light of their aptitudes and interests. Students are expected to make a reasonable independent judgment as to whether trucking is right for them.

Financed CDL training programs may vary by location. Financing of CDL training cost can be available even to students that have had some problems with credit or have not established credit, if you qualify. The monthly payments are affordable, and may be covered by Employer loan payment plans! We want to help you go to school, get the education and training you need and put your career into high gear. You won’t be turned down if you meet our minimum standards! A co-borrower is encouraged and may be required. Conditions and restrictions apply.

Workforce Training Funds and Grants for CDL Training Cost: many private and government agencies receive public funds through state and federal programs designed to provide job training assistance to qualified applicants. These include Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA), vocational rehabilitation (VocRehab), Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), Veterans Administration (VA), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and others. Any of these programs could pay for part or all of your training costs if you qualify. We have experts who can guide you through the process. Call us to see if you qualify.

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