Howes “Truckers of Tomorrow” Driver Training Scholarships


2012 Recipients

Date School Recipients
May Cheyenne, WY

Drew Pickren

Drew Pickren, Cheyenne WY

May New Stanton, PA

Unique Whitfield

Unique Whitfiled, New Stanton PA

April Rome, NY Donald Peek
April Lexington, SC Timothy Shepard
February Cheyenne, WY Eric Rojas
March Grand Junction, CO Stephen Kerch
March Columbia, SC Samira Faust


Previous Recipients


Date School Recipients
January Caldwell, ID Michael Clevinger
January San Antonio, TX Brandon Reeves
January Blackfoot, ID Jared Balls


Previous Recipients


Date School Recipients
December Rocky Mount, NC Nero Lewis
December Caldwell, ID Christopher Wishney
December Grand Junction, CO Stephen Ford
November Caldwell, ID Mohammad Habeb
November Billings, MT Evelyn McRae
November Vestal, NY Daltyn Casselbury
October Columbia, SC George Legette
October Grand Junction, CO Travis Sala
September San Antonio, TX Exzavier Sheffield
September Fort Pierce, FL Careem Sharpe
August New Stanton, PA Michael Lender
August Berwick, PA Daniel Hontz
July Berwick, PA Maria Garces
July Lebanon, PA Brandon Pierce
June Sandy, UT Ricardo Cruz
June Casper, WY Rick Phillips
May Caldwell, ID Orion Wallen
May Blackfoot ID Ryan Bear
April Rome NY Joshua Langley
April Columbia SC Tandy Gartman
March Caldwell ID Pete Carlisle
March Berwick PA Jeffrey Andreuzzi
February Plant City, FL Torrance Culbreath
February Bloomsburg, PA Darryl Pringle
January Plant City, FL TeVaris Ivory
January San Antonio, TX Braolio Rivera
January Henderson, CO James Smith


Previous Recipients


Date School Recipients
December Coeur d’Alene, ID Warren Goodwin
December Caldwell, ID Mohammed Ali
November Billings, MT Matthew Senn
November Blackfoot, ID SharRon Bloxham
October Billings, MT Alouies Dworshak
October Cheyenne, WY Clinton Woods
September Rome, NY Kent White
September Berwick, PA Ailen Garcia
August Grand Junction, CO William Howard III
August San Antonio, TX Joseph Pina
July Caldwell, ID Jasper Jackson
July Casper, WY James Thomas
June Ft. Pierce, FL Jason Imondi
June Vestal, NY David Torrey
May Sandy, UT Tanner Bybee
May Indianapolis, IN Jennifer Young
April Plant City, FL Mervin Jermin
April Henderson, CO Linda Herz
March Blackfoot, ID Dylan Erickson
March Caldwell, ID Ramon Aguilar
February Fort Pierce, FL William Smith
February Lexington, SC Travis Long
January Caldwell, ID Ben Vavold
January Berwick, PA David Winship
January New Stanton, PA Samuel Barber


Date School Recipients
  Caldwell, ID Jennifer Ballard
January Berwick, PA Jonaton Ramon
February Ft. Pierce, FL Angelo Flores
February Salt Lake City, UT James Morrison
February Columbia, SC Ronald Bethea
March Blackfoot, ID Joseph J. Robert
March San Antonio, TX Henry Payne
April Denver, CO Erich Gregg
April Missoula, MT Jay Cleveland
May Caldwell, ID Christopher Grill
May Plant City, FL Jeff Wilson
June Indianapolis, IN James Steffey
June Casper, WY Maggie Juhl
July Rome, NY Carl Miller
July Caldwell, ID Michael DiGiacamo
August Grand Junction, CO Jeffrey Whitehead
August Endicott, NY Garrett Bonadies
September Blackfoot, ID Evan Merkely
September Berwick, PA Sterling Caraballo-Beltran
October Caldwell, ID Matthew Turner
October Rocky Mount, NC David Boykin
November Billings, MT Daria Anderson
November New Stanton, PA William Musto
December Plant City, FL Michael Cepeda-Sanchez
December Lebanon, PA Josue Gonzalez-Fontanez
December Plant City, FL Brian Merkey



Date School Recipients
January Salt Lake City, UT David Hardcastle
January Columbia, SC Kralick Cooper
January San Antonio, TX Quentin Johnson
February Ft. Pierce, FL Sheena Wilson
February Caldwell, ID Harold “Scott” Payne
March Grand Junction, CO Kyle Vigil
March Blackfoot, ID Amber Compton
April Denver, CO Benjamin Sherman
April Missoula, MT Frankie Arriola
May Rome, NY Christine Tarbell
May Berwick, PA Carl Danko
June San Antonio, TX Tyler Ryder
June New Stanton, PA Leon Cole
July Endicott, NY Amy Schiavi
July Casper, WY Christopher Schultz
August Columbia, SC Brenden Belveal
August Indianapolis, IN Ethan Hester
September Cheyenne, WY Tito Garcia
September Coeur d’Alene, ID James Jones
October Rocky Mount, NC Qwendolyn Blue
October Caldwell, ID Jennifer Persinger
November New Berlin, PA Bryan Hicks
November Berwick, PA Michael Miller
December Plant City, FL Craig Schultz
December Billings, MT Zavier Zubia



Date School Recipients
January Caldwell, ID Wendy Hibbitts
January Berwick, PA Adam Lazarski
January San Antonio, TX Joquist Harbet
February Blackfoot, ID John Mesa
February Ft. Pierce, FL Carlos Estrada
March Cheyenne, WY Tyler McColl
March Grand Junction, CO Brandon Largent
April Denver, CO Ronnie Martinez
April Lebanon, PA Steven Yost
May New Berlin, PA Andrew Passonetti
May Missoula, MT William R. Meyers
June Casper, WY Roy Smith
June New Stanton, PA Craig Christopher
July Endicott, NY Zainab Gomez
July Rome, NY Deborah Doan
August Camp Hill, PA Michelle Evans
August Billings, MT Brandon Young Wolf
September Indianapolis, IN Adam Walls
September Coeur d’Alene, ID Sara Philbrook
October Rocky Mount, NC Martin Richardson
October Rome, NY Corey Krutz
November Missoula, MT Timothy Quigley
November Berwick, PA Frank Barone
December Salt Lake City, UT Bryant Jepson
December Rome, NY Sarah Huzarewicz



Date School Recipients
January 17 Jared Joseph Musgrave
January 5 Richard Brent
January 10 Brent Hammond
January 10 Kendall Eatherly
February 4 Whitaker Giles
February 20 Abel Casillas
March 11 Ryan Moore
March 21 Brandon Hansen
April 9 Kevin Gardipe
April Camp Hill (17) Alex Polanco
May 24 Mario Olivo
May 1 Kevin Kremer
June 8 Joshua Kiehner
June 19 Westley Mulligan
July 12 David Alliger
July 34 James Webb
August 6 Katie Philbrook
August 22 Robert Turin
August 2015 bonus scholarship 5 Rochelle Zentz
September 33 Aaron Olvey
September 3 Zeb Worline
October 19 Jason Fellows
October 2 Cody Wright
November 18 Hardly Johnson
November 30 Gilbert Pacheco
December 16 Joseph Shull
December 12 Charles Cuddihe


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